Monday, August 29, 2011

September Menu and Tips

For the Month of September I have started the menu on September 5th so that I start this off with a full week.

For the month of September the rotation is the following:

MONDAY: Chicken Dish
THURSDAY: Hamburger Dish

Monday September 5th: Chicken Spaghetti with Garlic Bread

Tuesday September 6th: Taco Night with Fideo
Make your favorite tacos or better yet hit up your favorite taco shop!

Wednesday September 7th: Pizza Night
Get your favorite oven pizza,Make Pizza or Pick up a pizza

Thursday September 8th: Hamburger Helper with Green Beans

Friday September 9th: Eat Out


Monday September 12th: Broc. Chicken Bake w/Asparagus and Onion

Tuesday September 13th: Taco Night with Rice and Beans

Wednesday September 14th: Pizza Night

Thursday September 15th: Meatloaf w/Box Potatoes and Corn
This is our familys FAVORITE and super simple meatloaf recipe we use!

Friday September 16th: No Meal Family is going the Circus


Monday September 19th: Chicken and Rice crockpot dish with corn and peaches

Bag of frozen boneless chicken
1 bottle of italian dressing
garlic and onion powder

Add FROZEN chicken to crockpot
Pour entire bottle of dressing over chicken
add a dallop of butter
a few dashes of garlic and onion powder
Cook on High for 4 Hours

Serve over white rice with corn and peaches on the side

Tuesday September 20th: Taco Night

Wednesday September 21st: Pizza

Thursday September 22nd: Tostadas with beans and Fideo
Fideo: Fideo:

Friday September 23rd: Eat Out


Monday September 26th: Bbq Chicken Sandwich with Fruit Salad

Add a bag of bonless frozen chicken to crockpot
Cover with bottle of bbq sauce
Add Chopped onion
Dash of garlic powder

Cook HIGH for 4 hours
Shred chicken and serve on a bun (add more sauce if you like)

Tuesday September 27th: Taco Night

Wednesday September 28th: Pizza

Thursday September 29th: Hamburger Helper with green Beans

Friday September 30th: Tuna Helper with Corn or Your favorite Tuna Cassarole

*Weekend Meals Not included since we typically arent home or wing Weekend Meals
** Shopping List Per Menu to follow

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